Welcome to GSEG

The Graduate Student Engineering Government

at the University of Pennsylvania

Who we are

GSEG is the student government for all residential masters and PhD students at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). We serve as liaison between the 22 programs at SEAS and work towards enabling all of you to have the best possible experience during their time at Penn. We are tasked with the roles of representation, advocacy, and funding, as well as programming for academic, cultural, and social events.

Our Mission Statement

GSEG aims to sponsor academic, cultural, and social events of interest to the graduate and professional student community; organize programs to enhance the quality of graduate and professional student life; and monitor issues of importance to the graduate and professional community.

Purpose Statement

The Graduate Students' Engineering Government (GSEG) serves a four-fold purpose for graduate and professional students at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)


GSEG represents the engineering students at various platforms including, but not limited to, University Council, SEAS Graduate Advisory Council (GAC), and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA).


Through its many initiatives, GSEG strives to remove barriers that impede student's abilities to make the best of their Penn experience. Three areas of focus for this year are inclusivity, financial literacy, and public safety.


To support departmental associations [link to departmental associations], identity-specific student groups [link to minority groups], and student initiatives, GSEG uses its budget for student group funding, cross-department collaborative events, and cross-school collaborative events.


GSEG sponsors academic, professional cultural, and social events to enhance the quality of student life and build a community. Learn more about our upcoming programs in the calendar below.

GSEG exists because of the graduate and professional students. We hope that we will continue to impact their lives, and we thank all of them for being a part of GSEG.